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15:19, April 18, 2006Favicon.ico (file)11 KBSannse (Suggested favicon, adapted from logo. (If you still see the default favicon, you may need to clear your cache))
15:17, April 18, 2006Wiki.png (file)2 KBSannse (Update Wikicity -> Wikia)
14:50, March 18, 2006ERS.png (file)145 KBJohn Cross (ERS Chancel Street Office.)
18:30, January 11, 2006Flag of Scotland.png (file)1 KBJohn Cross ( Flag of Scotland Wiki Commons.)
19:05, December 14, 2005Flag of Canada.png (file)897 BJohn Cross ( Flag of Canada Wikimedia)
19:35, December 8, 2005Euflag.jpg (file)1 KBJohn Cross ( EU Flag (wikipedia))
19:34, November 29, 2005World.png (file)2 KBJohn Cross ( World (Wikimedia.))
15:29, November 25, 2005Plusvote.png (file)7 KBJohn Cross ( Voting positive icon. Wikimedia.)
19:40, November 8, 2005Eris logo.gif (file)2 KBJohn Cross ( ERIS Logo Fair Use.)
18:13, October 13, 2005Nationalrail.gif (file)2 KBJohn Cross ( National rail Logo. fair use.)
18:07, October 13, 2005Tube.jpg (file)3 KBJohn Cross ( Tube Logo fair use.)
15:16, September 18, 2005Ers1.gif (file)3 KBJohn Cross ( ERS Logo (Uploaded under fair use) {{wikipedia:fairuse}})
14:29, September 18, 2005Wiki2.png (file)14 KBJohn Cross (Books?)
14:20, September 18, 2005Wiki.jpg (file)7 KBJohn Cross ( Books Logo. GNU.)
13:41, September 18, 2005Electoralreformcitylogo2.gif (file)2 KBJohn Cross ( Copyright of John Cross used with permission.)
13:39, September 18, 2005Electoralreformcitylogo.gif (file)2 KBJohn Cross ( Copyright of John Cross used with permission.)
12:35, September 17, 2005Electthelords.gif (file)3 KBJohn Cross ( Elect the Lords Logo. {{wikipedia: fair use}})
18:26, September 14, 2005Bullet.png (file)269 BJohn Cross (Bullet.)
18:02, September 14, 2005AUS STV.gif (file)27 KBJohn Cross ( Australian Ballot Paper for Single Transferable Vote. Crown Copyright. Fair use for STV.)
12:02, September 3, 2005George-Washington.jpg (file)12 KBJohn Cross ( George Washington)
11:58, September 3, 2005USPresidentialSeal.jpg (file)16 KBJohn Cross ( US Presidential Seal.)
10:59, August 3, 2005Usa flag.png (file)18 KBJohn Cross 

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