The Government of Wales Bill is currently being considered by the United Kingdom Parliament.

The long title of the Bill is:

A Bill to make provision about the government of Wales.

The current version of the bill contains the following parts:

  • Part 1 - National Assembly for Wales
  • Part 2 - Welsh Assembly Government
  • Part 3 - Assembly Measures
  • Part 4 - Acts of the Assembly
  • Part 5 - Finance
  • Part 6 - Miscellaneous and Supplementary
  • Part 7 - Regulation of Parties
  • Part 8 - Miscellaneous
  • Part 9 - General
  • Schedules 1 - 12

The Bill extends the power of the Welsh Assembly.

Certain provisions in the Bill make changes to the way members are elected to the Assembly.

Amendment 4 proposed in the Committee of the Whole House of Lords would have caused the Welsh Assembly to be elected by Single Transferable Vote. The amendment was withdrawn after debate.

The Bill as agreed by the House of Commons would prohibit members who are standing in a constituency election from simultaneously standing on a regional list. The government argues that this would stop candidates who have been rejected by the electorate in a constituency contest from being elected anyway. A similar provision is being proposed for elections to the Scottish Parliament in the Scottish Parliament (Candidates) Bill (UK) which does not have the support of the Government.

This proposal was reversed by the Committee of the Whole House of Lords which agreed to Amendment 17 to retain the status quo where members can stand simultaneously in a consitutuency election and on a constituency list. The amendment was carried by division: Contents 133, Not Contents 114

The Committee of the Whole House of Lords has ordered that the Bill be reported with amendments. The Bill is due to be debated at Report stage on 27th June 2006. The debate on Report is expected to conclude on 28th June 2006. This date is provisional and subject to change without notice.

The Bill has made the follwoing progress through Parliament:

House Stage Dates / Hansard Links Division Lists
Commons First Reading (Formal) 8th December 2005 N/A
Commons Second Reading 9th January 2006 Amendment - Ayes 161, Noes 341 2R Agreed no division
Commons Program Motion 9th January 2006 Agreed no division
Commons Money Resolution 9th January 2006 Agreed no division
Commons Committee (Whole House) 23rd, 24th and 30th January 2006 Various
Commons Program Motion (No. 2) 27th January 2006 Ayes 279, Noes 148
Commons Report 27th and 28th February 2006 Various
Commons Third Reading 28th February 2006 Ayes 324, Noes 143
Lords First Reading (Formal) 1st March 2006 N/A
Lords Second Reading 22nd March 2006 Agreed no division
Lords Committee (Whole House) 19th April, 3rd and 6th June 2006 Various
Lords Report 27th and 28th June 2006 (Provisional)

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